Design Timeline


Concept Design

In this phase, the USMM vision began to take shape. Scope of Work was defined in regards to general arrangement, capacity, and design approach based on a mission statement and a set of guiding principles measuring our success. These included budget constraints, facility size, a national identity, and a commitment to creating a state of the art, world-class experience honoring the U.S. Marshals Service from its inception through generations to come.


Schematic Design

Also called SD, this is where we identified all the elements associated with the facility and the experience within. Overall dimensions and layout are determined along with the architectural approach and identification of all of the experience elements telling our story. In this phase of work, schedule, scope of work and budget are brought together to move into the next phase of work with a design that can open on time, on budget and fulfill our metrics for success. Through this phase, the U.S. Marshals Museum is developing a concrete vision on design and has created a timeline showing an opening date of September 24, 2019.

We Are Here


Design Development

This is where all of the architectural and experience elements from SD are defined. Vector based drawings are completed in design development, calling out all of the details for everything you see. Final size, colors, materiality, connectivity, typical approaches to wayfinding and graphic design are all finalized in this phase, in preparation for facility construction and experience production. In this phase, all of the ideas and design from the previous phases are based in the reality of budget constraints, constructability, and availability of materials.



In Production Design the effort is focused on how things are built.  This includes Construction Documentation for the facility and Production Drawings for the experience. Utilizing industry best practices and innovative solutions to create unique design choices. By the end of this phase of design, contractors and fabricators have the information they need to bring the designs to life whether built off-site and installed or constructed on site, the Production Design documentation provides all the details needed.

Design Evolution

Recent Schematic Design
Recent Schematic Design
Recent Schematic Design